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“Paradise Lost” found!

“Paradise Lost” is the first commercial Amiga game designed and developed in Turkey. It was proudly produced by Ahmet Ergen and me, and released on 4 floppy disks in December 1991.

Although it was a phenomenal technical achievement in terms of setting the bar for game development in Turkey by the early 1990s, it was a commercial failure. Thanks to problematic distribution channel and no media support, only a few hundred copies were sold. And, as far as I know, none of them have survived. It is a game that is no longer known to exist in any private collections or public archives. Long lost and forgotten, until now!

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Annual Springtime Gathering 2013

Yet another Springtime Gathering…

12 hours of non-stop chat about iOS app development, retro computers, cult TV series, tips & tricks for home electronics, DIY plumbing (!!!), tube amplifiers, studio acoustics, video games, and even more video games… – not worth mentioning aching jaws!

We knew that we had to skip the late-night show and go home, when the wives stopped calling and gave up sending SMS messages 😉

Thank you, gentlemen!

(From left to right) - matahari, Alcofribas, Akermen
(From left to right) – matahari, Alcofribas, Akermen

256 byte Overscan MEGATEXT Intro

Welcome back to 8-bit days 🙂

The day Alcofribas kindly invited me to the 10th anniversary of 7DX Demo Party, I knew that I had to do something special for this event. Hosting Turkish demosceners for 10 years via enormous amount of hard work and very limited resources, certainly deserves support!

Since there has never been an official Amstrad release before at demo parties in Turkey, I decided to go back to my roots -early 80s- where I used to do a lot of 8-bit assembly language coding. I thought, writing a simple Amstrad intro in 256 bytes would be great. – (Yep, size does matter!)

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Meeting @ 7DX Demo Party 2011

What a fantastic day we had at the 7DX Demo Party 2011 on December 24, 2011. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the party, meeting sceners, watching/releasing demos, snacking, chatting, and even gossipping… The breakfast at the Bosphorus was the jewel in the crown of the event. Thanks for everything!

(From left to right) - Modelist, Alcofribas, Akermen, matahari, retromaster, Adamın Biri, Shax
(From left to right) – Modelist, Alcofribas, Akermen, matahari, retromaster, Adamın Biri, Shax

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to check my 256 byte Amstrad intro that I released at the party 😉