About Me


My name is Mert Börü.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist living in Istanbul, and this is my humble blog. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been working as a professional video game developer in the European video game industry since 1985. I design & develop video games, compose/engineer music, and write books & articles for a living. Since the enchanting day I started coding at age of 12, I have never thought of giving up on my dreams…

My work crosses over many disciplines:

    • Computer Programming
    • Video Game Design and Development
    • Conceptual Artwork Design
    • 3D Modeling/Sculpting
    • Composing and Arranging Music
    • Audio Engineering
    • Literature

Since 2009, I have been totally focused on Unreal Engine (UE3, UDK, UE4, and nowadays UE5) by Epic Games, and thus currently working as a seasoned freelance Unreal Engine C++ programmer and interactive 3D content creator.


I studied Software Engineering at University College London (Associate of Science) and English Literature at Istanbul University (Associate of Arts), but have always considered myself an autodidact – a self-taught person. I enjoy learning new things!

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” – Lao Tzu

Thanks to rewarding self-discipline skills, I have studied various topics in arts and engineering, and still doing so… It’s like reading a neverending story! The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. At least I am aware that, “learning” is a motivating action that leads to becoming more productive. It is the result of a commitment to intelligent planning and focused effort.

I have been and still am a seeker…

Client List

As a freelancer, it has been an honour and a privilege working with the following companies/artists over the last 35+ years.

Business Software Development

  Sun Microsystems – (Coventry, UK)
  Toshiba – (Tokyo, Japan)
  Porcan Holding – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Tepum – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  ECOM Mühendislik – (Istanbul, Turkey)

Video Game Development

  Ocean – (Manchester, UK)
  Coktel Vision – (Paris, France)
  Core Design – (Derby, UK)
  Martı Animasyon – Ali Murat Erkorkmaz – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  infoTRON – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Momentum DMT – (Istanbul, Turkey)
 Square Enix – (Tokyo, Japan)

Corporate Web Design / e-commerce

  Sun Microsystems – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Turkcell – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Telsim – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Dogan Holding – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Garanti Bankası – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Esbank – (Istanbul, Turkey)

Technical Editor

 Interpro – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  CAD+ Dergisi
  Macintosh Dünyası Dergisi
 BT/haber Gazetesi
  Bilisim Dergisi
  Yazılım & Donanım Dergisi


  Radikal Gazetesi – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Finans Dünyası Dergisi – (Istanbul, Turkey)

Music Production / Audio Engineering

  SAF Production – (Istanbul, Turkey)
  “Moist” – David Elfström Lilja – (Söderhamn, Sweden)
  “SynthX” – Rikard Latvala – (Sweden)

Post Production / Video Editing

  STR Production – (Istanbul, Turkey)


The Blog of Mert Börü: Selected Works, Ongoing Projects, and Memories